The unilevel plan

The unilevel plan is one of the most popular plan on multi level marketing, the levels of payment are usually called tiers (used by hosting,health,pharmacy,etc companies), most merchant accounts allow this plan when the tiers/levels are not too deep (Including paypal).

There is not wide limit, but there is a limit on how deep you pay on the downline. 

On all of our compensation plans, there is a direct referral commission (called fast start bonus sometimes), can setup also a how much percentage you share on each level of the unilevel system. 

For example you can setup a membership (A membership need to be tied to a digital product/ Advertising plan / etc), and configure to share 20% to direct sponsor, 50% to the unilevel sharing and 30% to the company.

You can have in this example a 10 level deep unilevel system, sharing from level 2 to level 10 (remember level 1 got the 20% for direct sponsoring already), 11%,9%,8%,7%,5%,4%,3%,2%,1% respectively.

features of our  MLM plan

    • Unlimited user management

    • Unlimited memberships

    • Digital products manager

    • Complete member management

    • Responsive members backoffice

    • Responsive admin panel

    • Dashboard statistics

    • Automated payment processing

    • Transactions/Financial manager

    • Payza, Okpay, Perfect Money and Solid Trust Pay available

    • Private messaging system

    • Mass message direct referred members

    • Banners plugin included with Ad credit currency

    • Banner approval system

    • Banner statistics for advertisers

    • Pay it forward (PIF) system, enroller can pay referrer membership

    • Deposit Wallet and Payout Wallet

    • Withdrawal to payment processor

    • Mass mailing to specific memberships

    • Frequently Asked Questions manager

    • News / Announcement manager

    • Promotional tools for members

    • Downline/Genealogy navigation available

    • Automated email system including email template editor

    • Cache system and Mysql database optimization tool

    • Direct Referral Commissions

features of the Unilevel Plan Edition

    • Unlimited Width

    • Any configured Depth (5, 10, 20, 50, etc).

    • Setup earning percentages on all levels

    • Qualification available to start earning money, like 2,3,4,etc front-line referrals

    • Personal Volume (from own membership and direct referrals) available for bonuses.